What’s in store for 2014

Posted 20th January 2014

Hello everyone…

Well it’s a fresh new week (and a chilly one in the shed) and my goodness is January flying by in a hurry! 2014 is truly upon us and I have a feeling it is going to be a speedy one if the pace of January is anything to go by. So, I better keep on my toes as I have so much in store to keep me busy this year. Do you?

Before looking forward to the exciting things 2014 has to offer, 2013 brought my way some personal and business highlights which will have a big impact on the year ahead…

Business was busy and with a wedding on the horizon which doesn’t come cheap, it had to be and certainly kept me anything from bored! My loyal clients are amazing, and one of my largest international clients is getting bigger and bigger, therefore keeping me busier and busier! I am delighted to have another international client come on board too last summer, and as a result I had some of my best months to date.

On a personal note, 2013 saw some big birthdays and new arrivals. I turned 30 in March (I don’t look it I know) and while some may have found the thought of turning 30 a little daunting – I was like an excited child, ready to embrace what the coming decade has to offer as there is so much to look forward to. Plus, it was a great excuse for a party and therefore another chance to design some more invitations. And speaking of invitations, with my best friends all expecting babies at the start of last year, it was an honour to host and therefore design, each of their baby showers, creating beautiful, personalised invitations, favours, bunting and guest books for them to treasure forever. Now “Aunty Smiley” has three absolutely adorable honorary nieces who I love more than words. And not forgetting our little Boo who was just a teeny, tiny little puppy at the start of last year… well she is still tiny of course but not quite so teeny any more and has been a much nicer companion than the spiders here in the shed.


My 30th Birthday invitations 


Little Boo with floppy ears as a puppy and now all grown up


So with all that in mind, whats in store for 2014…

Well as I briefly mentioned earlier I am getting married in July! We are off to the beautiful south west coast of Ireland to a very special place close to our hearts to tie the knot – and I might just be a little bit excited! With less than 6 months to go now it is all systems go. The dress is designed (the pages tightly stapled together in my sketchbook so there is no sneaky peaks until after the big day) and now I am working on the exciting and slightly daunting task of designing our wedding invitations. No pressure of course when the only brief I have set myself is that they have to be perfect!


With all the baby showers, birthdays and other peoples wedding invitations designed last year, like a nesting hen I have been sitting on a portfolio of beautiful designs sparking more ideas just waiting to be hatched. Following some amazing feedback from Not on the High Street, I am hoping 2014 is the year that I will launch my own range of invitation designs and products. Just watch this space, I can’t wait to share them with you soon.

It is certainly set to be a busy year with lots of plans in place to implement, but keeping my clients happy is certainly top of the list too as I am forever grateful to be working with them, and if last year is anything to go by, I am sure they will be keeping me busier than ever this year as well.

So, in a little more than a nutshell, that is what I have up my sleeve for the year ahead. I would love to know what exciting plans you all have in store for 2014. Are you getting married this year too? Or are you about to start an exciting new venture? Do let me know and leave your comments below and perhaps we can keep each other motivated, share ideas and enjoy 2014 together!

Speak soon, Nic : )