The Bunting Gallery

Posted 18th November 2013

I would like to share with a very emotive story and venture that has really touched my heart recently.

Let me introduce you to Tim and Izabelle Bunting . . .


Izabelle having fun printing bags for The Bunting Gallery and Tim with their two gorgeous puppies

I met Izabelle at college when we were both studying art, and in all honesty we probably haven’t seen each other since we left college some years back, and I actually have never met Tim. Of course the power of Facebook keeps us all connected, and recently I discovered their story . . .

In their excitement of planning their wedding, Izabelle’s fiancé Tim, a lawyer in London, was shockingly diagnosed with bowel cancer in November 2012 at the young age of 28. I cannot even begin to comprehend what they went through and can only begin imagine that their lives were turned completely upside down based on my own experiences of watching far too many people I know and love battle with cancer in recent years.

In March 2013 Tim and Izabelle got married and I am relieved to hear Tim has now received the all clear.


Tim and Izabelle on their wedding day


Wanting to do more to help fight against cancer and the devastating affects it has on people’s lives, Tim and Izabelle set about an inspiring venture in order to raise funds for cancer based charities.

Earlier this year The Bunting Gallery was set up. An online art gallery set up by Tim and Izabelle to raise funds for two cancer based charities; Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

I have been following their journey with huge admiration and their creation of The Bunting Gallery is inspiring and heartwarming. I remember sitting at my desk here In The Shed with tears in my eyes when I first read their plans on Facebook.

This really has touched my heart and so I really wanted to share it with you and ask you to share it too. If you are looking to buy or sell art or just want to be nosey, please take a look at their gallery, knowing that funds from every sale are genuinely being donated to two very good causes.

Please take a look, follow their journey and spread the word of The Bunting Gallery…


Twitter: @BuntingGallery

Thank you!

PS. While I have not seen Izabelle for quite some many years one thing is for sure, she really does have one of the biggest smiles I know (bigger than mine and we all know how smiley I am) – Keep smiling Izi, you and Tim are an inspiration!