Shed of the year will be the icing on the cake!

Posted 1st June 2014


So we are into June already, halfway through the year and what a busy six months it has been. But June is going to be the busiest month by far…

I am getting married in about six weeks time, so for all of you that have been married, I am sure you understand just how much there is to do in the last few months leading up to the big day. Having worked with some lovely couples on their wedding stationery recently, I have witnessed the intensity of their last few weeks before tying the knot so know it is going to get a bit crazy. I think we are nearly there, all the big stuff is done, I am now onto the details… the creative bits! : )

And to keep things busy In The Shed, it is also that time of year when us sheddies get rather excited and a little bit competitive… that’s right it is time for the increasingly famous Shed of the Year competition!

Over at people are voting for their favourite shed of the year. Of course my lovely little shed is over there too and we all want In The Shed to win this year, yes? Votes are underway and the support so far has been amazing!

This year, the competition gets even more exiting… The winners of each category will go through to the final and will be judged on camera its own Shed of the year TV show on Channel 4.

To win Shed of the Year this time round would be the icing on the cake for 2014.

More importantly, I would love to think that winning Shed of the Year would inspire you and many others to follow your dreams and believe that you CAN turn those ideas into reality just as I have. Whether that might be turning something so ordinary like a garden shed into an amazing space of your own, setting up your own business, or getting started on that idea you have been dreaming about for years, it CAN be done.

It all begins with an idea…

The shed was built whilst I was at university, desperate for my own space to design in. After a sudden burst of inspiration, a shed was my genius solution. Some people thought it was a crazy idea but before I had even worked out the practicalities, I had visualised it, talked about it and was ready to make it happen… and I did!

For the past 5 years, the shed has since been home to my graphic design business, called of course ’In The Shed’. The shed is now the perfect studio space, with a calm and inspiring interior of peaceful colours and up-cycled furniture, just how I imagined.

What I didn’t anticipate when I had that sudden burst of inspiration, those years ago, was that this amazing space, my simple little shed, would transform my life in such a wonderfully positive way.

I truly believe that ‘if it can be imagined it can be created’ and my shed is proof that dreams really do come true! So go on, get out there and make those ideas come to life!

Please take a look at my entry on Readersheds. You will find some fantastic new photos of the shed taken by the lovely Victoria Macken and if you can leave me some positive comments at the bottom for the judges to have a read of when you get me to the final, it might all help. Public voting ends on the 9th June, so get your votes in quick. You can vote more than once, so keep voting as often as you can, and feel free to share with your family and friends. : )

Voting is simple, it’s just two clicks… Visit
and click the VOTE button above the pictures.

Thank you so much for your support, and I will keep you posted on how June progresses…

Big smiles, Nic : )