Long overdue thanks and a little shed envy

Posted 31st July 2013

Hello folks… it has been a little while I know. So whats new?

Well as always, when I go a little quiet it’s because I have been a little busy! New and existing clients have been keeping me anything from bored and I have barely had time to come up for air. So much so that the infamous ‘Shed Week’ came and went in the blink of an eye without even a drink or a BBQ in the garden to celebrate it.

So after this glorious summer so far, I am sat cosy in the shed with the rain belting down outside (hopefully not for long) as I wait for the moment when I can run down to the kitchen to make a cuppa and have found myself with a spare few moments of calm, so I figured a little catch up with you all was in order.

I have lots of exiting things to share with you including updates to the portfolio, upcoming awards and some long overdue thanks. Plus I still need to introduce you to my little (and now not so new) companion in the shed – and no it’s not a spider although there are a few of those in here today!

So first, it only feels right to start with some thanks!

Well it would have been hard to ignore me for most of May as I campaigned with might for your votes! In case you have forgotten, a few months ago I was eagerly aspiring to that glorious title of Shed of the Year.

I am wowed as always by your efforts; your shares, tweets, statuses and emails and of course those very important votes! It means so much to have all your support and encouragement. Thank you!

I am sad to say that despite all of our efforts, I didn’t make it through to the final. It just goes to show, even with all your support,  just how tough the competition has got. It has certainly increased in popularity over the last few years. I think I will need to pull something new and exciting out of the bag next year!

While I may not have made the final, I am delighted to say I was up there in the top three, amongst the most popular sheds in the Studio category.

Admitidly I have a little bit of shed envy… I do very much love the Posh Sewing Shed – what a beautiful little shed that is!

Shed envy – the Posh Sewing Shed 
(image from 


The overall winner of the competition and therefore the newly crowned “Shed of the Year” goes to a very unique “Boat Roofed Shed” owned by Alex Holland from mid Wales.

Congratulations to the finalists and this years winner and of course thank you once again to all of you who supported me!

2013 Shed of the Year Boat ShedThis years Shed of the Year – the Boat Roofed Shed (image from 


My shed saw a transformation a few months ago, which has made a huge difference and it is looking fab. It could still use a little bit more work to finish it off, so please let me know if you have any interesting suggestions on what I can do to the shed to make it stand out from the competition next year? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Another little snippet of the new look shed 

Thank you again, speak soon and keep dry!


PS… And as I finish writing the sun is now shining and the rain has stopped so time for that cuppa : )

Oh and PPS… I will be back with some other updates soon, much more to share…