It’s Official!

Posted 26th July 2010

Well the lawn has been mowed (thank you mum), the drinks are stocked up, the food is being made, and the shed has had a fresh lick of paint. It’s shaping up to be the best shed warming party I have ever had! Ok so it’s the only shed warming party I have ever had. It has of course been in the pipeline for some time though…

When the shed was built, back when I was studying for my degree, I declared, “I really want to have a shed warming party.” But it was January and very cold, so the closest I got to that idea was a quick toast in the shed with my mum.


When the summer came, I graduated, and had to face the real world and get a job. The idea of the shed warming party had lost momentum.

But now that idea is almost reality, and it’s official I am finally having that “Shed Warming Party”

It’s not really a launch party as such, (which would have made sense last year when I first set up the company). It is more a celebration of success and a great way to say thank you!

In the 15 months I have been trading as In The Shed, it has been such an exciting journey. I networked for the first time in my life and remember sitting next to a man who sensed that I was new to it all, so asked me “have you got your 60 second pitch ready?” To which my reaction was “my what?” Like so many people, I got the twitter bug and I could not believe it when one tweet resulted in an article in The Sunday Times. My client base is getting bigger all the time and it is an amazing feeling when a client says “Wow!” One thing consistent throughout is that I have developed a network of amazing people and new friends who I am honoured to now know.

Throughout this whole journey, my family and friends have been fantastic. I cannot say thank you enough for all their support. Even as the party approaches, they have been baking cakes, mowing lawns, and living without me while I work all night to get it all done (although I am sure they are enjoying the peace and quiet).

So that is what the Shed Warming Party is all about… it is a huge thank you to you all for all your continued support without which I would not be celebrating the success I have had In The Shed so far.

And after many months of preparation the party is tomorrow. Even though it’s all coming together, there are still a lot of last minute things to do, which reminds me I still need to buy an outfit!

I am getting very excited and look forward to seeing all my guests here in the garden to enjoy a few drinks (or many), delicious food and lots of cake.

It will be a party to remember – well how many other shed warming parties have you been to?