I’m back with my greatest creation!

Posted 7th April 2018

Hello everyone…

I have been rather quiet for the past year or more on the business and social media front. Life though has been far from quiet.

Without further ado, I am delighted to introduce to you our incredible daughter, brand new sheddie and most definitely my greatest creation yet… Florence Joanna aka Flo Jo.

Florence & me ♥


She is now a whole year earth-side and no longer a baby any more, a full blown toddler now – adorably chatty (I wonder where she gets that from), full of smiles (and that too), determined, independent, strong willed (that’s from her daddy, although one could say stubborn), energetic, inquisitive, dare I say cheeky and full of life! Hard to remember those early days where she was so tiny and new. Now she is chatting away and climbing onto anything in sight. It is so fascinating watching her amazing personality unfold.

It has been the most incredible year and equally one of the most challenging. I honestly thought I’d be back working after a few months, after all my business was my baby for so long. Little did I realise just how life would be totally turned upside down, inside out and back to front and how suddenly the ability to even get dressed some days would be my biggest achievement. Learning to function after witnessing every hour of the night has become a normal state of living, and getting more than a couple of hours sleep in a row is a wonderful treat. I have made the most incredible new friends for life since becoming a mummy, sharing endless sleepless nights on WhatsApp talking boobs, poo, sick and tears (hard not to be friends when we’ve shared that much). And, I’m incredibly proud to have earned my golden boobies (yes, that’s a thing)!

For those of you wondering about the birth, I’ll leave out the gory details but let’s just say Florence was very punctual, waking me up in the early hours of her due date and rather eager to join us, arriving within minutes of bursting through the hospital doors after a very short but intense 3 and a half hour labour.

Though it took longer than I expected to get back to a functioning state of living, I’m delighted to be back designing and so excited for what I have in store… I am launching my Stationery Boutique!


Stationery Boutique opening this month…

After years of dreaming and talking about it, creating lots of beautiful designs and since taking a bit of time out to start my family, now feels like the perfect time for me to launch my very own online Stationery Boutique and share with you my lovingly crafted stationery, prints and gifts. My Stationery Boutique will be launching on Etsy this month, starting with my striking Marathon Achievement Prints in time for the Manchester, Brighton and London marathons, a perfect memento to celebrate those amazing finishing times and I will be adding all my other designs over the months ahead so keep coming back to see what’s new.

My designs will include both personalised and generic invitations, greeting cards, prints and gifts to brighten your day and treasure those magical adventures that life brings you.

Whilst Florence is still so young and I focus on getting my Stationery Boutique up and running, I will only be taking on a limited number of bespoke commissions this year, but please do get in touch to check availability and discuss your ideas with me.

Florence has been my inspiration for many of my new designs, and continues to be my inspiration and motivation and I hope one day I will inspire her to achieve her dreams!

It’s so great to be back… please stay tuned, follow me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to keep up to date with my Etsy launch and new products and please do sign up to my eNews… I promise to only send you nice things and I will keep you posted when I launch my designs and any giveaways I’m having.

Dream big, love hard and be happy

Nic & Florence!



A huge thank you to my dear new mummy friend That Boho Mama for capturing these magical moments of us playing in the beautiful Shrewsbury Quarry on our recent adventure with our babies ♥