I’m exhibiting at The Haughmond’s Wedding Fayre

Posted 24th January 2016

I’m really excited to be exhibiting at my first ‘Wedding Fayre’ at The Haughmond in Shrewsbury on Sunday 31st January! It is such a beautiful venue – so I am looking forward to being a part of it and starting my ‘Wedding Fayre journey’ here. The Barn at The Haughmond is a beautiful venue for a wedding […]

When life throws you lemons…

Posted 15th January 2016

We all know a new year means resolutions. Whether that is in life or in business. We look forward and set goals with good intentions. Some fail, some flourish. So in true new year fashion, I have decided to sit down and reflect the year past and take a look at what 2016 looks like for […]

The Night the Moon Turned Red

Posted 30th September 2015

There are some nights when I wish I could get back to sleep but this wasn’t one of them. I didn’t want to shut my eyes! Staring out of the window up to the night sky, I couldn’t take my eyes off it, as I witnessed the moment the Moon, Earth and Sun lined up […]

Here comes the sun…

Posted 17th October 2014

As I sat back from my desk and closed my eyes, for a short moment I stopped everything I was doing and was transported to a special place as the song “Here Comes the Sun” played loudly for all outside to hear. As the intro leads into those words… “Little Darlin’…”, a wave of emotion […]

Shed of the year will be the icing on the cake!

Posted 1st June 2014

So we are into June already, halfway through the year and what a busy six months it has been. But June is going to be the busiest month by far… I am getting married in about six weeks time, so for all of you that have been married, I am sure you understand just how […]

Dyslexia Information Day – Saturday 17th May 2014

Posted 13th May 2014

Are you dyslexic or think you might be? Are you a parent or teacher of a child with dyslexia or work with someone who is? Do you have questions or would like to find out more about what support and information is out there? Dyslexia Information Day (DID) is a fantastic FREE event set up […]