About Me

I’m back with my greatest creation!

Posted 7th April 2018

Hello everyone… I have been rather quiet for the past year or more on the business and social media front. Life though has been far from quiet. Without further ado, I am delighted to introduce to you our incredible daughter, brand new sheddie and most definitely my greatest creation yet… Florence Joanna aka Flo Jo. […]

Back soon… off to have a baby

Posted 3rd February 2017

Hello… So, it’s fair to say I’ve been a little bit busy these past few months working on my greatest creation yet… Nope, not invitations… I’ve been busy creating a baby! It has been the most incredibly magical journey! Yes, of course it’s been challenging! I’ve slowed down my pace of work dramatically over the […]

When life throws you lemons…

Posted 15th January 2016

We all know a new year means resolutions. Whether that is in life or in business. We look forward and set goals with good intentions. Some fail, some flourish. So in true new year fashion, I have decided to sit down and reflect the year past and take a look at what 2016 looks like for […]

Here comes the sun…

Posted 17th October 2014

As I sat back from my desk and closed my eyes, for a short moment I stopped everything I was doing and was transported to a special place as the song “Here Comes the Sun” played loudly for all outside to hear. As the intro leads into those words… “Little Darlin’…”, a wave of emotion […]

Shed of the year will be the icing on the cake!

Posted 1st June 2014

So we are into June already, halfway through the year and what a busy six months it has been. But June is going to be the busiest month by far… I am getting married in about six weeks time, so for all of you that have been married, I am sure you understand just how […]

What’s in store for 2014

Posted 20th January 2014

Hello everyone… Well it’s a fresh new week (and a chilly one in the shed) and my goodness is January flying by in a hurry! 2014 is truly upon us and I have a feeling it is going to be a speedy one if the pace of January is anything to go by. So, I […]