Bye Bye Pink Walls

Posted 15th April 2013

I am feeling very excited as I write this! After a long time of wanting and waiting, the shed is finally getting a new look. As well as a fresh new lick of paint, it is also being fitted out with some great new worktops and desk to give it a whole new lease of life.

One afternoon back in autumn, I was feeling fed up and uninspired of making do with random pieces of furniture, of seeing everything cluttered up on shelves and (I’m afraid to say) too much pink. I decided it was time to treat the shed to a new look. So I took to Pinterest to pull together some ideas and quickly sketched out how I visualised it looking.

So, its been on the cards for quite some time you will notice. As always work has to come come first – and my goodness has it been busy! Any spare time I have had since then been taken up by playing host to three baby showers for my best friends, planning our wedding and numerous 30th birthdays (including my own). Its been a busy six months indeed.

That will explain why things have been a little quiet on the blog front.

And ironically, every time that I did find that rare spare moment that I could get in to paint, well, it snowed! I really didn’t fancy keeping the doors and windows open for ventilation in freezing temperatures.

But after much patience and a little frustration, I am in and started! And yes, it is bye bye pink walls!

The first few coats have been painted in a rather beautiful shade of magnolia. Much warmer that than the white walls that were there before, and brighter and fresher than the pink. The new desk and worktops have been fitted and it now it needs a good tidy up, a bit more paint and some attention to detail then I can get back in.

Here’s a few pics of the work in progress and I will keep you posted with more developments and of course the new look soon!

Bye bye pink walls in the shed

Decorating the shed

 the new desk in the shed