Available soon… Beautiful, personalised invitations from my new Stationery Boutique

Posted 21st January 2015

There is something pretty magical about receiving a hand written letter or card in the post. In todays busy and immediate world it is a refreshing change to receive something more personal and so heartwarming when we appreciate the time and thought that has gone into buying, writing and sending.

I have been creating invitations for many years, but over the past few it has started to play a large part of what I design. It would seem this sudden stream of invitation design could be due to reaching a certain point in ones life where by big occasions become more frequent with friends of similar ages getting married, having babies and hitting certain big birthdays, all of which giving me some exciting opportunities to get creative.


Sweet Pea Baby Shower Invites

My Sweet Pea baby shower invitations and favours, coming soon


Amongst the corporate projects I have been busily working on over the past few years for my fab business clients, these bursts of designing stationery have been a wonderful opportunity to express my creativity and personal style.

When I design, I invest so much more than just sitting in front of a Mac and designing for designs sake. Those that know me or have worked with me will tell you how much energy and emotion I put into creating something that is inspired, has purpose and gives a smile in the mind.

My mission when creating an invitation has always to been to create so much more than just a time and a date for a party. I believe it is about creating an experience, as if the person receiving it is opening a gift, evoking emotion and setting the tone of the occasion before guests have even arrived.

Imagine coming home from a busy day filled with the chaos of our demanding world and fast pace to find that amongst the boring white envelopes that have arrived in the post there is something different. You feel a buzz of excitement followed by a little intrigue as you pick it up. And as you open up something beautiful and hold it in your hands, for a moment the world stops. And while the world will soon start back up around you, for that moment you experience something you would never feel from a text message, email or Facebook event.

That’s what makes me tick. Creating those little moments of happiness you can only get through something real, that you can touch, hold in your hand, feel and see as you open up something that has been beautifully made and packaged.

And so, after years of dreaming and talking about it, I invite you to join me on an exciting new adventure, as I begin my journey to launch my own range of stationery and share with you my beautiful designs. My collections will include invitations for weddings, baby showers, Christenings, naming days, birthdays and bridal showers, teamed with related products such as favours, signs and prints.

And, I hope I can help you create those little moments of magic as you invite your family and friends to be part of your special occasions.

I am planning to launch my first collection this year. Above is a little sneaky peak of my ‘Sweet Pea’ baby shower invitation and favours that I will be launching giving you a flavour of things to come. I hope you love them as much I do.

If you have any special occasions coming up in the next few years and would like to know more about when my designs are being launched, please contact me and I will keep you posted.

I would love your feedback too, so please leave your comments below.

Magic and happy times ahead…