Back soon… off to have a baby

Posted 3rd February 2017

Hello… So, it’s fair to say I’ve been a little bit busy these past few months working on my greatest creation yet… Nope, not invitations… I’ve been busy creating a baby! It has been the most incredibly magical journey! Yes, of course it’s been challenging! I’ve slowed down my pace of work dramatically over the […]

2016 Dyslexia Awards in Shropshire

Posted 21st July 2016

As many of you may know, I am dyslexic. I have been a huge supporter of the Dyslexia Information Day‘s, founded by a very dear friend of mine, the lovely Eli Wilkinson for some years now and have seen first hand the positive influence these days have had on so many people. Eli, also know as […]

Now Available – Personalised “Brighton” Marathon Framed Achievement Print

Posted 9th June 2016

When I launched my personalised London Marathon prints back in April, I was overwhelmed with the amazing feedback I received! I have loved creating your prints for you and hearing the stories behind the achievements! It was heartwarming hearing some of the reasons for running, the training involved and the fund raising for charities and […]

Giveaway *winner* from The Mytton and Mermaid Wedding Fayre

Posted 2nd May 2016

The Mytton and Mermaid Hotel recently hosted their first wedding fayre and I was delighted to be a part of it, it was a brilliant day! There was such a great atmosphere and I was in great company with such a lovely selection of exhibitors. The hotel is such a beautiful, timeless venue. I loved meeting with lots of exited couples […]

Personalised London Marathon framed ‘achievement’ print 

Posted 22nd April 2016

When I was 13, I recall writing in my diary some aims in life. One was to become the next female prime minister. The other, to run the London Marathon. Well, so far I have completed neither, but there is still a chance to achieve both!? Last year, one of my best friends actually did […]