About In The Shed

Nicola In The Shed
Hi there, I’m Nicola, I’m the one you will find In The Shed… a dreamer, believer, creative thinker, smiley person and of course designer and maker of wonderful things. I love the feeling of being inspired and will often wake up at 4am with a mind full of ideas waiting to be created.


In The Shed… Design Studio and Stationery Boutique…

In The Shed you will find me busy designing all sorts of bespoke pieces including invitations, magazines and corporate literature.

As well as my bespoke commissions, I am in the process of creating my own range of stationery designs that will soon be available for you to buy in my Stationery Boutique. My collections will include invitations for weddings, baby showers, Christenings, naming days, birthdays and bridal showers, teamed with related products such as favours, signs and prints. I will be launching some of my existing personalised prints on the site very soon, with my invitation designs to follow.

 A couple of my personalised prints – a thoughtful, unique, wedding gift


A little more about me, Boo and the Shed… 

So, what more can I tell you about me? Well, I am a 30-something year old, with the most wonderful family, friends and adorable little Chihuahua called Boo. I recently became Mrs Rust and had the most wonderful wedding day in Ireland. I love experimenting in the kitchen trying to create something yummy. I had a challenging few years not feeling too great, so have adapted my diet and lifestyle to heal my body and become the best I can be! You can read a little more here.  On a slightly ‘different’ note, you will find that I am very proud to share my experiences of being dyslexic. To me, dyslexia is a different way of thinking, neither better nor worse, just ‘different’. You can read my experiences of it here. I hope you find it inspiring.

I am joined In The Shed by Boo. She loves being In The Shed as much as I do! She races me down the garden in the morning to beat me to the shed door and keeps me warm curling up on my knee. For a little dog, she has the biggest personality, is so loving, and I swear she thinks she’s human at times! And she knows everything!

And as for the shed, well it really is just a normal shed. A timeless second hand find I discovered many years ago on my mission to create my own studio space whilst I was still studying at University. And while it may look pretty ordinary on the outside, inside it has been transformed into a magical space where I can be inspired, design and create… It really is home!


Boo and The Shed