In The Shed is home to me, Nicola Rust, and my adorable Chihuahua Boo. I am a graphic designer, dreamer, believer, creative thinker and smiley person. I love the feeling of being inspired and will often wake up at 4am with a mind full of ideas!
I work with clients small and large, local and international on a range of interesting projects including magazines, invitations, brand identity and corporate literature. I am also planning to launch my own range of invitation designs later in the year, so look out for those. 
In The Shed was set up in 2009 and while the shed remains the same, the business has grown and the decor has changed over the years. The shed itself was built some years before whilst I was at university, desperate for my own space to design in. After a sudden spark of inspiration, a shed was my genius solution. Some people thought I was crazy at the time but I had a vision.
I love being In The Shed, it is now the perfect studio space and has transformed into so much more than I ever imagined. My fabulous companion Boo joins me everyday and loves to keep me warm curling up on my knee.
Proud to share my experiences of being dyslexic, I hope to inspire and inform others to think differently
So, feel free to take a look around my portfolio to see the work created In The Shed, have a read of my blog to follow my journey or just say hello to me and Boo. Smile, have a fab day and thanks for popping by! : )